Interzone – Cydonia

Reviewed: April 1999
Released: 1999, Utopian Vision Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Chances are Interzone are a band you probably haven’t heard of…yet. However, if I say “SACRIFICE” then any long time thrash fan worth their salt will begin drooling! The connection between the two is that both are fronted by ex-Sacrifice vocalist and guitarist, Rob Urbinati. Interzone is a new band but the similarities between the two are many. The main difference is that the songs are not quite as intense or complex. Interzone still sound thrashy, have a big old-school influence and Rob’s vocals are still as raw as ever! “Cydonia” contains seven songs, some of the best being the memorable “Crown of Lies”, “Last Plague” with the lovable neck cracking thrash beats and a song called “Army of Me” which is actually a cover song by Bjork Gudmunsdollir (whoever…it sounds more like an Interzone original to me).

New quality metal is hard to find these days in Canada so it’s nice to know that a band like “Interzone” exists. All the old school influences are intact yet somehow the band manage to bring the sound up to date while avoiding the poison of the 90’s that has seeped into SOME bands. Now that all die hard thrashers and former Sacrifice fans are all hyped up read our interview with Rob Urbinati then check out our feature on Interzone (Featured Artist section).


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