Attention Deficit – S/T

Reviewed: March 1999
Released: 1998, Magna Carta
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Has anyone been wondering what\’s up with ex-Testament shredder Alex Skolnick and ex-Primus skinbasher Tim Alexander? Well the two teamed up with bassist Michael Manring and created Attention Deficit, a very interesting and somewhat weird combination of instrumental jazz, rock, and fusion. What!? No metal!? That\’s right fucker! Don\’t expect blistering speed metal on this one!

Alex\’s playing is as great as usual…lots of jazz and blues influences are apparent as he noodles away at his fretboard, playing everything from the slow and soothing to the fast and furious or just noisy weirdness. Michael\’s bass work is outstanding, varying in mood as much as Alex\’s guitar work. And Tim\’s jazzy and percussive drumming is just as phenomenal as his old stuff with Primus.

These three ultra-talented dudes have created an awesome amalgamation of musical genius resembling the free-style form of music that Frank Zappa embraced back in the days. It sounds as though lots of improvisation is happening here; song structures, if present, are very odd, and track lengths vary from ten seconds to twelve minutes. If you appreciate jazz/fusion and/or great musicianship, then I think you should check this out. Primus fans should definitely get this!


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